writing skills- introduction

How much should students write to improve their writing skills? The short answer, as much as possible. Producing large amounts of text is vital because students learn to write by writing (Moffett, 1983). A slightly ambiguous answer suggests the measure of how much is teacher workload: if the instructor can read and comment on every piece of writing, the students aren’t writing enough.

Stephen King wrote every aspiring writer needs to master vocabulary,
grammar and style (King, 2010).
That’s sage advice coming from one of the most prolific authors of the modern age, and a good general description of the needs of non-native speaker students.

Im Englischen gibt es vier Basiselemente eines guten Schreibens. Daran möchte ich mit dir in diesem Selbstlernkurs arbeiten:

Inquiry-based reasoning

The focus here is to help NNS students learn an inquiry-based approach to writing well- reasoned, logical arguments, a type of critical thinking (Hillocks, 2011). The inquiry method is not an essay template, such as you might find in a class teaching the five-paragraph format. Rather, it is a four-step analytical process that breaks arguments into constituent parts. It is a thinking and writing tool that helps students put forward articulate and reasoned arguments.

What’s the question?/ Collect evidence/ Create asupporting Rule/ Make a conclusion


By style, I mean organized, cogent and purposeful text that is a pleasure to read and reflects to some degree the author’s character and intentions. Style is build by sentence fluency, more details, better paragraphs and basic cohesion.Though subjective, style does contain teachable elements, like sentence fluency, rich descriptions, strong paragraphs and cohesive elements. Various instructional techniques are used, including language-focused teaching, text analysis, modeling, and multi- paragraph passage writing.


When it comes to proficiency, some teachers and a good number of testing centres seem to focus on measurable elements like grammar, vocabulary and mechanics (Casanave, 2004). While these easy to count features may be
part of the total proficiency skill set, it’s not a complete list. Proficiency includes subjective elements such as sequencing, sentence variety and word choice as well as genre-specific conventions (e.g. academic or business writing) like the ability to evaluate abstract ideas and other higher order thinking skills (Ofte, 2014)


Writing fluency is the ability to produce lots of output with few hesitations. It’s sometimes measured as the number of written words per minute (Nguyen, 2015).


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